Arch Linux apparently packages Anki with Python 3.12

Users of AwesomeTTS have brought to my attention that AwesomeTTS stopped working after upgrading on Arch Linux: Error after updating to latest Anki / Python · Issue #319 · AwesomeTTS/awesometts-anki-addon · GitHub
Looks like the Arch package uses Python 3.12: AUR (en) - anki

Seems to me it’s a mistake to deviate from the Python 3.9 officially supported version, just wanted to check whether anyone has background information here ?

Distros do it a lot. Linux Distro Packages - Anki Manual

@AlexBocken in case you see this, Anki shouldn’t be packaged with Python 3.12

Hi @lucw. As the nature of Arch is rolling release I’d like to refrain from forcing such an old python version onto machines. I’ll have a look what I can do about this.
As also mentioned in the AwesomeTTS github issue many other addons are working without any issues on 3.12 and awesomeTTS is using ancient python APIs, deprecated since 3.7.

AweomseTTS is definitely a more relevant addon than many though.

Personally I’d like to stay away from venvs to solve this if possible. I know that dae disagrees on this but in my opinion (and many others) this goes a lot against the idea of distro packages in the first place. I would like to pull my python dependencies from the arch repos, not the pypi.

I’ll have a look over the coming days whether this is easily solvable, maybe awesomeTTS will also fix this soon, there seems to be a heavy discussion going on in the github issue, maybe this problem will resolve itself.

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I’ve fixed AwesomeTTS, it should now run on python 3.12. Also I need to get myself an Arch setup in light of how many people seem to be using it. I’ll be looking into setting up a VM.
Just curious is there an alternative, binary package for people who just want the official version of Anki on Arch ?

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That’s great to hear! Get it, Arch really is great. (I recommend dwm as a window manager if you’re still unsure what to get :slight_smile: GitHub - LukeSmithxyz/LARBS: Luke's Auto-Rice Bootstrapping Scripts: Installation Scripts for My Arch Linux Meta-Distribution makes it really easy to install and get up and running)

There once was anki-official-binary-bundle in the AUR that did exactly that , but seems like that has been removed. anki-bin uses the officially built wheels, but of course depends on the installed python version and does not ship it’s own.

There are already too many anki versions in the AUR imo (anki, anki-qt5, anki-bin, anki-git, and anki-before-bazel) but I could acutally see a purpose in re-adding anki-official-binary-bundle.

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