Any official API document about anki addon development?

i am not very smart but say mindmanager have the whole API online:

i could figure out which is what with help from AI.

but by google and search in ankiweb forum, i didn’t see it.
Any help?

just say i want to add to the browser a new column,
I completely cant find info on google.

yet, AIs like Claude+ could tell some:

def add_my_column(browser):
    browser.cols.append(("My Column", "my_column"))

    def my_column(self, c, n):
        return "some data"
    browser.my_column = my_column

but i still wish to have the API

where is it?

there are over 100+ anki addon so i think it is available.

but i really cant find it.

help needed thx

ok, user manual has,