Answer side only

In some decks, I want only the “answer” side to appear. Is it possible??

You can modify your notetype to remove all field references from the back template.

I want him to skip the side of the question.

That is, as soon as the question is presented, I can mark “easy” “difficult”

Here’s a JavaScript function you can use to skip the front side: Trigger "show answer" in javascript - #3 by kleinerpirat

You can use it the following way:


   (() => {
     if (typeof pycmd !== "undefined") {
     } else if (typeof bridgeCommand !== "undefined") {
     } else if (typeof AnkiDroidJS !== "undefined") {
     } else if (window.anki && window.sendMessage2) {
       /* AnkiMobile: configure mid center tap to show answer in the preferences */
       window.sendMessage2("ankitap", "midCenter");