AnkiWeb appears blank on iOS 11

Since around Sunday, I’ve found AnkiWeb no longer seems to work on iOS 11, with the page just appearing blank, regardless of what URL I try (, AnkiWeb, AnkiWeb). Has something changed server-side?

Yes, parts of AnkiWeb have been updated recently, and I’m afraid you may need to update to a more recent iOS version to continue using it.

Is there no way to keep the changes backward-compatible, just disabling any new features if they can’t be run on old systems, whilst still maintaining all the core functionality that was already working on those systems? Especially for AnkiWeb, one of the main benefits of which is the variety of devices it can be used on

Supporting old versions requires workarounds and extra testing. Given that development resources are already limited, I’m afraid I can not justify the extra work for the comparatively small number of users who are unable to update to a newer iOS version.

Hi everyone. I’ve checked logs on firefox devices simulation and get the forward error on all devices provided the browser (from 10.3 to 14.6).

Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: `target` argument of Proxy must be an object, got undefined
    FxProxyToStringFix moz-extension://be0eeaab-b00c-453a-b45c-aa568dcaf741/userscripts/RU-AdList-JS-Fixes.user.js?id=0efb1924-7941-4ef6-ad31-76eab3396459:247
    FxProxyToStringFix moz-extension://be0eeaab-b00c-453a-b45c-aa568dcaf741/userscripts/RU-AdList-JS-Fixes.user.js?id=0efb1924-7941-4ef6-ad31-76eab3396459:246
    window["__f__lkvpfquu.s4"]/</< moz-extension://be0eeaab-b00c-453a-b45c-aa568dcaf741/userscripts/RU-AdList-JS-Fixes.user.js?id=0efb1924-7941-4ef6-ad31-76eab3396459:250
    window["__f__lkvpfquu.s4"]/< moz-extension://be0eeaab-b00c-453a-b45c-aa568dcaf741/userscripts/RU-AdList-JS-Fixes.user.js?id=0efb1924-7941-4ef6-ad31-76eab3396459:6191
    window["__f__lkvpfquu.s4"]/< moz-extension://be0eeaab-b00c-453a-b45c-aa568dcaf741/userscripts/RU-AdList-JS-Fixes.user.js?id=0efb1924-7941-4ef6-ad31-76eab3396459:1
    "__f__lkvpfquu.s4" moz-extension://be0eeaab-b00c-453a-b45c-aa568dcaf741/userscripts/RU-AdList-JS-Fixes.user.js?id=0efb1924-7941-4ef6-ad31-76eab3396459:1
    <anonymous> moz-extension://be0eeaab-b00c-453a-b45c-aa568dcaf741/userscripts/RU-AdList-JS-Fixes.user.js?id=0efb1924-7941-4ef6-ad31-76eab3396459:1

Also, as I’m not JS developer, i might not be able to give a well help for your command. I’ve founded it out bc ankiweb doesn’t work for me too (on IOS13). I hope my discover will motivate your command to work on this bug.

Thank you for your great app.

Those messages look related to some ad-blocking add-on you’re using. I tested the site on iOS 14 Safari, and it worked for me.

Yes. You’re right, it was conflicts with my browser extensions. Thanks for the help

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