Ankiroid Data Transfer to my new smartphone

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I would like to transfer my Ankiroid data saved in my previous smartphone to my new smartphone (Samsung Galaxy s24).
I use Ankiroid to memorize English words I learned and all files are letters.
I chose the latest backup data in “Restore from Backup” but it could not be backed up, so I chose another item and tried the previous backup data (Anki collection) saved in Google Drive, but it could not be backed up either.The error message “The extension is not .apkg or .colpkg” was displayed and the backup could not be performed here either.
I’d appreciate any solutions.
Thank you.

There’s recently been a change on Google/Android’s side that makes it a bit more complicated to copy your files over, or for AnkiDroid to access files that are not its own.

Your fastest means to transfer is going to be sync on your old device to upload your current collection to AnkiWeb. Then sync on your new device to download your collection from AnkiWeb.

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Thank you for your quick answer.
I don’t have either my computer and my Ankiweb account.

I create an Ankiweb account first and I sync all of my current collections across Ankiweb.
After that, download them to my new smartphone via Ankiweb.

Am I right?

That should do it.

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