AnkiMobile on the Mac App Store

Apple lets developers submit their mobile apps to be able to run on Apple silicon Macs. I’ve already paid for the app and use it on iPhone but it seems the developer has not allowed its use on Mac.

I have AnkiDesktop installed but there are elements of the mobile version I prefer. Will you consider making it available?

There are issues when running on macOS (eg crashes when trying to play audio), and given that there’s an existing desktop version available, I’m afraid it’s hard to justify the time required to fix these issues and ensure future ones don’t crop up.

Ah, so you already tested running AnkiMobile on macOS? I wonder if a justification could be that ongoing maintenance of the iOS version on macOS would prove to be easier/smoother (once you iron out the existing creases), than getting the existing desktop app to cross-compile.
Maybe there’s a way to allow beta testing of AnkiMobile on macOS in meantime, perhaps using TestFlight? I can’t remember if AnkiMobile is open source/donorware.

Yes, I’ve tested it.

Replacing the macOS version of Anki with AnkiMobile is not an option I’m afraid. Aside from the fact that it would require all macOS users to purchase it, AnkiMobile currently lacks various features the desktop version has, and it is unable to run add-ons that some users rely on.

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