AnkiMobile custom server not syncing with media files

I’m aware that the feature of custum server in new AnkiMobile is a Beta version.
I didn’t make any purchase until this feature shown up.

Let me describe my problem.

I usually use AnkiDroid and AnkiDesktop with my custum server syncing, and thanks to all the contirbutors, they work very well.
When I set the custum server option,it shows two cells to fill:

  1. Sync url
  2. Media sync url

But in AnkiMobile,there is only one cell of sync url, so media files don’t seem to sync from custom server in AnkiMobile.

I only have a iPad for my little girls study, and media files matter a lot.
For now, I can only export collections from PC or AnkiMobile,and then import them to AnkiMobile.This really sucks.

Hope that media sync feature for custom server of AnkiMobile will release soon,really need it !

Media syncing is supported, and uses the same URL. Sync Server - Anki Manual

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