AnkiHub add-on not working

The AnkiHub add-on needs to be updated to continue working.
Do you want to open the add-on update dialog now? This is really frustrating since yesterday. I CANNOT ADD UWORLD ON THE ANKIHUB AS WELL!!! I ONLY PURCHASE ANKI VIP BECAUSE OF UWORLD QID BUT IT IS NOT WORKING AT ALL, ANY HELP WILL BE appreciated

You likely get faster help when contacting the official AnkiHub support.


Please, can you share their contact info with?

You can post your question over

Please include more details in your post. The AnkiHub add-on was actually updated recently to work on the coming version (23.12).

Note that AnKing VIP is a separate service from AnkiHub and support is provided in a different place:
You can submit your question about the UWorld add-on here: Issues · AnKing-VIP/ankiweb-placeholder · GitHub