Ankihub not updating, lost function and will not open

I tried so many things to help fix the ankihub addon, I’ve given up on anki because of how inconvenient it has become and med school moves too fast for me to troubleshoot on my own. Can anyone help me understand what is going on with my anki and how to fix it? I have 2.1.54 version as well as the second most newest version of anki installed but neither are able to update anki hub, I cannot even click on it bc it refuses to show up on the bar above my decks. I tried toggle disabling and restarting anki. I tried disabling my other addons one by one but still no luck.

Which addon are you talking about? You haven’t provided any information for us to know how to help you.

its the ankihub addon: AnkiHub - AnkiWeb

Try posting in the AnkiHub forums and they’ll help you troubleshoot the issue:

thank you!