AnkiDroid is breaking javascript

Sorry for bother, but I have this card that works perfectly in Anki for PC, IOS and Web: the correct answer must be in bold, it will make the highlight on the back of the card appear. My problem is that the bold highlight is not shown in the Anki app for Android (Ankidroid) and I have no idea why.

I sent a review on the Play Store reporting the problem, I received this answer:

AnkiDroid Open Source Team 10 de julho de 2020
Hi there! You might try logging an issue, but prior to that you might try inspecting the card.html we generate or debug it: - we have a JS API even - breaking javascript is not our plan

I tried to follow the procedures, but this is Greek to me. Is there an email to which I can send the card’s “apk”?


Hi, could you log an issue:

You can rename an .apkg to .zip and upload it to GitHub

If there is only a small amount of text for the template, you could just copy/paste it here, or on the GutHub issue.

Submited, thanks: # AnkiDroid is breaking javascript #6705