Anki template problem

Hi there!
I’ve got a problem with template GitHub - qwiglydee/anki-interactive: Interactive Cards for Anki
I use “Choices” to study for my exam. I’ve got problem, beacuse when I copy text I got empty field.

Thanks for any adivces!

idk about this template, but in case your multiple choice card style don’t work, try Multiple Choice for Anki - AnkiWeb

Be sure to follow the editing/usage guidelines to work

Just tried the template and it’s working properly in my system (also with pasted items), but the template seems to be incompatible with night mode. Could be that the problem?

Maybe there’s some conflict with one of your add-ons; you can also use the html editor to check that pasted items are pure text or simply try again after activating “Paste without Shift strips formatting” option in preferences.

I tried this, addon but I have problem with color of the answers.

OK, I got the solution. One addon has conflict with this addon.

OK, I have now another problem.

Could you post your “Choices” field content, as well as the result you’re getting? This way the problem is easier to replicate.

Btw, for multiple choice I use closet, it works great.

I prefer something more interactive. This addon Multiple Choice for Anki - AnkiWeb is perfect for me, but color of the answers makes me mad.