Anki package from website fails to recognise qt styles

When downloading anki from my distro’s repository, I am able to run:

anki -style qt_style

where qt_style can be adwaita-qt or kvantum for example.

The problem is that this is an old version of anki and the only way to upgrade to a newer version would be to download anki from the website.

The problem is that anki from the website cannot find the other themes. It can only use Windows and Fusion. How would I go about giving access to the rest of the qt styles to anki?

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which version of Anki are you running? Also curious on the distribution?

Thanks :pray:t5:

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Alexander Alemayhu

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Anki 2.1.26
Pop!_OS 20.04 (based on Ubuntu 20.04)

Thank you! That was quite useful. I guess it isn’t an ideal solution but I simply symbolic linked my systems styles folder into anki’s plugin folder and my systems file inside anki’s platformthemes folder.

Now whenever I run anki, it adheres to whatever I have set with qt5ct. It isn’t perfect but it is much better :slight_smile:

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