Anki os error -2146762495

For some reason, my Anki isn’t work. I get this sync error pop-up every time I try sync. In the Anki app for Windows version won’t sync.
I have searched the web for os error 214672495, but there’s no result.
Any help regarding this would be highly appreciated.
Thank you.
This is the translate for the Korean in the pop-up message. “The certificate required to verify the current system time or stamp on a signed file is not within its validity period.”

That sounds similar to this – Error establishing a secure connection when syncing - Frequently Asked Questions .

Go to Help > About > Copy Debug Info, and paste that here.

That seems like a problem with your Windows installation. I suggest you check to make sure all updates have been applied, and ask on a Windows help forum if problems persist.

Anki 24.04.1 (ccd9ca1a)
Python 3.9.18 Qt 6.6.2 PyQt 6.6.1
Platform: Windows-10-10.0.19045

Have you checked on the Windows issues that dae suggested, or the other things in the FAQ I linked to?

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