Anki is lagging when showing answers

Anki Version 2.1.54 (b6a7760c)
Python 3.9.7 Qt 5.15.2 PyQt 5.15.5
Os: Win11

as the title here is what i tried and didn’t work:-

  • restared the computer
  • restarted anki
  • started anki with shift on
  • disabled addons
  • deleted unused media

here is how anki looks like task maneger (i dont know if this is normal or not):

and here is my addons (although i tried anki without them and stills lagging):

I had the same problem several versions ago. I would try to update anki to the latest version first.

well the last thing i am thinking of is updating anki since i found 2.1.54 the sweet spot for anki addons

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