Anki Invalid Checksum Import Error

Hello, I have a 6.3 GB colpkg export I recently made after I tried to reinstall my OS. After installing the anki flatpak (version 2.1.54) it doesn’t import. Upon trying to import my collection I am greeted by an import error (see picture) stating one of the media images has an “Invalid Checksum.” I wanted to know how to fix this so I don’t lose all my cards as this is my only backup. Thanks in advance to anyone who knows how to debug this. I also posted this on reddit but haven’t gotten a response yet, sorry if I broke any rules or if this is an obvious error. Just looking for some help.

That indicates your apkg file has been corrupted. apkg files are zip files, so you may be able to rename it and use a zip recovery tool to restore the file to a valid zip file (though probably with some data loss)

Thanks for the info! I’ll give it a try this weekend, hopefully I don’t lose too much…