Anki hangs on Fedora 36


I have 3 Linux desktops. Each runs Fedora 36. On two of them anki-2.1.54-linux-qt6.tar.zst runs without any problems. On the third the anki-2.1.54-linux-qt6.tar.zst hangs. Line with “File …” shows but below that just blank screen (no line “Cards …”). It does not respond to keys or mouse.

Installing anki-2.1.54-linux-qt5 makes anki respond to mouse but it is still below
a blank screen and it does not show text beginning with “Cards …” .

Finally I got it to work by passing :


and downgrading to anki-2.1.54-linux-qt5 lub anki-2.1.49-linux seems to work.