ANKI error message on MAC

HI everyone!!
I keep getting this error message when i open some decks on ANKI. I didnt have this problem previously and cant seem to solve it. This message only appears on my Mac, the app and the documents work fine on my ipad. Would really value your help!! This is the error message
Invalid HTML on card: ReferenceError: EFDRC is not defined
ReferenceError: EFDRC is not defined
at eval (eval at (

Maybe some add-on isn’t compatible with the add-on Edit Field During Review (Cloze). Try to temporarily disable all add-ons except Edit Field During Review (Cloze).

If the error message is still there, after restarting Anki, click on Cards and double-check the front or back template, maybe it contains the invalid HTML, maybe <div style="... tag was left opened and not properly closed, i.e. <div style="...">.

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