Anki duplicating automatic text


In my Anki setup I usually end questions with a few sentences: that is, I repeat the same sentence in several questions. One such example is: “Comment on this statement.”. For this reason I also use AutoKey, with it, I put an acronym there and that acronym becomes the phrase I want. When using this same feature with the new Anki, the sentence is being duplicated:

This did not happen before the update and is not happening in other applications: in other words, it is something related to Anki. I’m now going back to the previous version of it, but it would be nice if I could understand why this is happening and know if there is anything that can be done.

Does it happen in both the qt6 and qt5 versions of Anki?

yes! It happens with the qt5 or qt6 version

If it started recently, it sounds like some sort of incompatibility between Anki’s current clipboard handling and that tool. I don’t use X11 so I am not able to test this. You could try building Anki from source, and bisecting recent changes to see what triggered the change.

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