Anki Cards size on iPad

Hello, I have one problem with my Anki Mobile app in my iPad Pro 12.9 (2017). I create Anki cards on my iPad Pro only, it is very comfortable for me to use iPad version of this app. I created a lot of cards and many cards have screenshots. So can I reduce the size of my cards in my iPad Pro because they use to much space on my iPad? I synchronize all my cards through Anki Web service with my iPhone. And the size of all cards on my iPhone is much smaller than on my iPad. Is there any way to make the size of Anki cards on my iPad the same like on iPhone?

On your iPad, in AnkiMobile’s Preferences screen, please tap on Check Database. That will remove any space taken up by previously deleted cards, and should ensure future backups are smaller (assuming both devices have the same cards). If you want to get rid of some of the old backups, you can do so from the Backups screen inside AnkiMobile’s Preferences, by swiping across them.

I have already checked it. There is no any unused mediafiles here, but still Anki takes much more storage in iPad than in iPhone. And yes, all the cards in iPad and iPhone are absolutely the same and there is no any difference except this problem.

I don’t know what files could take so much storage but reinstalling app on iPad and synchronizing it with ankiweb cards solved this problem.

Please note I was suggesting “Check Database”, not “Check Media”. Backups do not contain media; the issue was with the size of your collection. Glad you have been able to resolve the issue in any case.