Anki cards do not show up according to the time during the day

i juste started to get on Anki but there’s something that bothers me. It seems that Anki shows the cards only after a few hours after revising the cards. But let’s say on friday I have lecture all day, the only moment I can revise my deck is by 6pm. However, Saturday I want to revise in the morning but I can’t because Anki won’t show up my cards!!! does anyone know how I can fix this?

Anki’s job is to decide when you should revise your material for optimal retention based on your answers.
But you have the option to review anytime you want outside the regular schedule.

Please see:

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Also, Anki schedules cards based on the date, not the daytime. So whether you study at 8 am or 6 pm, you should see the exact same cards. There is a setting to decide when the next day starts. On default, it’s set to 4 am which is reasonable for the vast majority of users.


That’s weird, this morning I opened Anki and it said that I had already reviewed everything for today but I had revised it the day before.

Anki has the Next day starts at option in the preferences, which determines when the next day’s cards should be shown:

The default is 4AM but you may want to adjust it.

See Anki Manual

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That’s what I wanted !! Thank you