Anki Card Limit Help

Hi, I am very new to Anki and I am studying for the MCAT using the MilesDown Deck. I have been studying for the past few months without an account (unknowingly) because I just downloaded the Anki app on my Mac. But yesterday I needed to make an account so I could study on my phone. But, a problem I am facing is that somehow the setting has changed so that I have to study 32 cards from each individual deck (behavioral, Biology, General Chemistry, etc.) However, the setting I had before is that I was studying 32 new cards from any deck. Usually, when I start studying from one deck, the 32 number decreases from all the other decks, but that is not happening anymore.

After updating to Anki(Mobile) 23.12.1, you can change a setting in the deck options to limit reviews by the top deck.

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