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Anki application on apple watch

Hello, I’m an active user of Anki, and I highly appreciate the developers’ efforts and ingenuity to come up with this brilliant vocab application. One day, a great idea came across my mind. As an apple user, I was thinking if I could use Anki on my apple watch, it would be wonderful. Even when my phone isn’t around, I could constantly learn and massage my brain throughout the day. Is expanding its compatibility to apple watch difficult?

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I’ve honestly been wishing for the same thing. Since the SE came out I think it opened up the watch for a lot of people! I personally read from the watch (regardless of what people say) and find it much less distracting and straining than my phone. I use wReader and just have my wrist detection turned off so it doesn’t lock! I dream of a day where I don’t have to convert every single one of my cloze cards to basic just to import them into another (albeit less powerful algorithmically) flashcard app so I can practice them on the watch. WatchOS has gotten so many new users in the past few months!!