Anki add-on to run the syncserver locally?

I currently run an Anki syncserver on a remote server but I was thinking it might just be easier for me to run one locally on my desktop and that I could sync to. I could set up the syncserver again myself, but I was wondering if there is an add-on to do this (since the syncserver is bundled with anki)?

If not, I would consider building the add-on myself; is there any interest in this?

My thought is that having this kind of add-on would make it easier for non-technical people to run their own local syncserver.


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I think this is the only add-on that is related to synchronization and working.

Thanks. That plugin just looks like it sets up anki to sync to another server which is already possible through the settings menu.

Before I go through the trouble of trying to build this add-on, does anyone see why this could be a problem?

My thought is that the plugin just needs to fire up the packaged syncserver and adjust the local anki settings to point to it for syncing, as well as display the user’s IP address and the port the server is running on and manage some user accounts so the user can set all that up on their mobile device.


It should work, though it will mean Anki needs to be running for the sync server to be running.

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