Anki: A LOT of “unseen” cards, is all well?

I am a pretty heavy user of anki (1-2 hours/day), and am confused by a statistic and a behavior.

fwiw, I use the templates from Gabriel Wyner/Fluent Forever.

OK, here is the question: What is the “unseen” card count in statistics?

I understand it to be the number of cards I have created but have never seen.

I do think there are a lot of these (I currently create 15-50 cards a day).

I am confused because I think there are cards from a week ago that I have not yet seen, but when I add new cards, I often see them right away.

How do I understand this more fully?

(Apologies, I flipped Anki into Hebrew mode, but it is pretty understandable)

It is the number of cards you created/imported, which are neither in the review nor learning process. Those are the cards which appear if you learn new cards. Maybe you create more cards than you learn, in this case, you might want to bump the amount of daily new cards up a bit.

Depending on the settings, new cards will either be introduced randomly or in the order created. You can filter in the card browser for unseen cards to see which ones they are.

Where is that setting? (is it per deck, or system wide?)

Yes, I am creating cards far faster than I can learn them (in an intense course)

It is a deck option. Both for the order of new cards and the new cards/day. Make sure to use deck options groups if you don’t want changes to affect all groups.


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