Anki 2.1.60 to 2.1.62 is being knocked out by Punto Switcher

Dear developers! In addition to Anki, I have been a regular user of Punto Switcher for many years, which is used to switch text transliteration. This is very convenient if you typed the text in a wrong language, so as not to retype it again. This is often done with Punto using the Pause key or Shift+Pause shortcut. Punto Switcher has never conflicted with Anki before. But after the release 2.1.60 of Anki, when you press Pause or Shift+Pause trying to transliterate, Anki freezes forever and you have to shut it down through the task manager. This problem is extremely annoying to me. Could the developers please try to fix this problem?
My system is Windows 10. I am using Anki 2.1.62 now.
I cannot post here links to Punto Switcher download, but it is quite easy to google and the application is free. Thank you very much!

p.s.: I am not sure if the problem started form v.2.1.60 exactly. It might be v.2.1.50+ or something. I don’t update Anki very often.

Unfortunately it’s probably an issue with the graphics toolkit Anki uses. The Qt5 version of Anki may fare better.

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Thank you. But I’m not sure if I want to downgrade Anki because of this issue, although it’s very likely that it would help. It would be nice to have an option to choose the Qt version in the app settings.

2.1.62 comes in separate Qt5 and Qt6 versions.

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It has helped, thank you very much!!
First I didn’t notice that there is a Qt5-version on the download page.

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