Anki 2.1.50 Beta 6+ / Release Candidate

Bug report:

  • Version Beta 9 (QT6) on Manjaro Linux KDE (latest stable).
  • No Add-ons !

Anki freezes when I click “Browse” > Added Today > Click over some cards (e.g. Dieb)

I was trying to Browse my added cards to preview them but it is impossible. Anki collapses before being able to preview after clicking the card “Dieb” or any other card.

I can share my deck publicly to allow others to reproduce the bug on my deck:
Password: WXDk85mEhVezfnb6VXZiuiofhnMCy3QApH8RQ8emfm4qswB4rczNHVfZCVyr

The CPU usage increases until 100% in few minutes and RAM also increases. I reproduced the issue with and without add-ons. It seems a regression.

Thanks, added to Certain field content causes HTML editor to get stuck in infinite loop · Issue #1740 · ankitects/anki · GitHub

The last blocker i’m experiencing with Anki 2.1.50 betas is problems interacting with the Editor Javascript API, I’ve described the issue i’m experiencing here: 2 addons conflicting with Svelte components (editorToolbar.toolbar.insertGroup) - #9 by hengiesel

It has already been added to the issue tracker:


I’m not sure if this comment was a reply to me, but here’s a screenshot anyhow. This is the “Add” window with the tag bar activated. There’s no cursor or anything:

When I start writing, letters do not appear, but a popup box allows me to select from existing tags based on what keys I’ve been pressing:

EDIT: And yes, this is with no add-ons enabled (SHIFT held down during startup).

I can’t seem to reproduce that on a Linux system here. The popup appears a bit higher here; my guess is for some reason, the text input is a line lower and thus cut off from view. Does it happen in the Qt6 build as well? Can you try previous betas to figure out where the issue was introduced? Does changing the high DPI settings make any difference?

I use the Anki2.1.50 beta9 in my m1 macbook air
when I use my own note type to add a new car. I can not input anything by using the chinese input method, while using the english input method do well

sometime it happen, and sometime it do work normally
acutally when I use ⌘ + ⇥ to switch another app, then switch back to anki, it do work normally :slight_smile:

If it’s any help, I’m running a rather unmodified Ubuntu 21.10 (using X, not Wayland).

Can you try previous betas to figure out where the issue was introduced?

Sure, just went over the betas for 2.1.50. The problem only appears in beta 8. It wasn’t there in beta 6. (It seems there was no public beta 7.)

Does it happen in the Qt6 build as well?

I’m unable to run the Qt6 build. As reported earlier, it fails to install.

~ fiddles with keyboard settings ~

Oh, I just now managed to install the Qt6 version of beta 9, and that doesn’t have the problem. So I guess it’s solved for my part for now :slight_smile:

A release candidate is now available. It includes an important fix for the card layout screen:

@eyetofreedom This is a bug in the graphics toolkit. I have reported the issue to them. For now, the Qt5 version may work better for you.


I’m translating Anki to Spanish and found this problem:

In ANKI 2.1.49 you see that predetermined configuration in deck options:

But in the recent release candidate 2.1.50 qt6 you lose all that configuration (and even if you create a new predetermined configuration, the habitual Anki configuration doesn’t appear:


Test in a Windows 11 laptop

Thank you, a fix will be in the next build.

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I’ve released AwesomeTTS 1.61 which has support for Anki 2.1.50: AwesomeTTS - Add speech to your flashcards - AnkiWeb.


The shortcut Ctrl + Shift + C for cloze deletion does not work for me

And Ctrl + Shift + Alt + C to create a same cloze doensn’t work for me on qt6 windows 11 (last realease candidate)

And anki doesn’t have a buttom to create a same cloze deletion yet (what would be nice in a future update, when possible)

I haven’t suspended any cards recently, but while trying with RC1 I see that the line isn’t coloured anymore in the card browser, so there is no indication if a card is suspended or not. Was this dropped somewhen?

You probably have Notes mode activated.

You probably have Notes mode activated.

You are right. Sorry for the circumstances.

Release candidate 2 is now available: