Anki 2.1.50 Beta 6+ / Release Candidate

The issue happened as soon as the dialog poppep up.

However, I deleted all add-ons and cannot reproduce again on Manjaro.

QT6 version on another machine with Arch Linux seems OK. Cannot reproduce either.

Maybe the culprit was an add-on that was installed (and inactive). Nothing to worry…

Thanks for your hard work!

Beta 7 is now available: Changes in 2.1.50 - Anki Betas

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A minor detail…
I noticed that the text does not fit here

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One of the TOP 5 Anki’s Add-ons, the Glutanimates’s Image Occlusion doesn’t work on Anki 2.1.50-Beta 7 Qt6 in my Windows 11 Home Single Language.

I’m not a developer, but I really would like to contribute to Anki, so I’m working to finish the Spanish translation (hope to finish soon). I would like to contribute in development, but is not my area. But if you tell me what is necessary to make the Add-on work in the new version, I can investigate the way to do that.

At the same time, I was (just for funny) drawing a possible new logo for Anki like that…


Just sketches.

Thank you so much, Dae and all the developers.


When a collection exported to beta6 is imported into beta7, the images on the card are mixed and loaded.

beta7 seems to have a lot of bugs.

Thank you, that is a serious issue, and I’ll get a new beta out that fixes it later today.

What other issues did you encounter?

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I’ve tested a lot of beta versions of 2.1.50, but I think beta6 was the best version.

I think beta7 should be put back like beta6.

I’m afraid vague comments like that are not very helpful. If you have encountered any other bugs, please describe them in more detail, as we can’t fix things we don’t know about.

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I get it. I’ll test it a bit more and let you know if any bugs are found.

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Another issue has been found with importing media files in the new 2.1.50 colpkg format. A new beta is going to take another day or two; in the mean time, please avoid using beta 7 for importing/exporting .colpkg files. I have taken the beta 7 downloads down for now.


@dae I’m finding that rescheduling cards from reviewer is really slow (~3s per reschedule). I have my reschedule setting to 45-180!. If I change to 1 day it is much faster

Also a suggestion for this or future versions potentially - if there is a limit of 10 new cards and I reschedule one of those from the review screen, it does not count it towards my 10 new card max/day. Could potentially add an option to include this in the settings?

Beta 8 is now available: Changes in 2.1.50 - Anki Betas

@AnKingMed the rescheduling with that timeframe is instantaneous for me. Did you rule out add-ons?

Yes. Is it possible it’s because of my large collection?

Can you let me know an AnkiWeb ID I can grab a copy of your collection from privately, and the deck you’re testing with? I did try a large collection, but the exact same collection may help.

If you do not turn it off and on when you switch to the dark version in beta8, an error occurs as shown in the figure.

Beta6 has been confirmed to work well.

Anki 2.1.50 Anki beta 8 qt6 windows 11

When you are studying cards, and you put a Flag to mark one card, you are unable to return with CTRL + Z to the previous card.

One thing that would be useful is to have an ´Undo´ option in the ´More´ menu, when you are studying.

I’m very afraid that the Image Occlusion add-on won’t work anymore in new versions, because it is very useful to make cards.

I asked for orientation in the last comment… if anyone knows what to do, please tell me.

Ps. The dark/light option could be in the new &View menu…

¡Thank you so much!

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Qt5 has same error. Ctrl z after flag

Hello, just gave a try to the beta and had a problem with the Japanese IME input.

Tested Anki 2.1.50 Beta 8 (macOS, Apple Silicon version) on macOS 12.3 with Spanish localization and Spanish ISO keyboard and Japanese IME enabled.

When adding Japanese text to cards and if the input is in Japanese, the autocompletion window appears detached in a corner of the screen and nothing is typed on the selected field, like this:

If I click outside of Anki (just clicking on the desktop and going back to Anki will do it) everything goes back to normal and typing works as always:

Re flagging and undo, this is addressed in the v3 scheduler. The 2021 scheduler - Frequently Asked Questions


When I change the theme in the preference screen, the top and bottom updates for me. Did you try without add-ons?


Hopefully @glutanimate will be able to provide an update


Unfortunately it looks like a bug in Qt6. I will report the issue to them.

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