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Anki 2.1.41 Beta

On the Mac, right-clicking is a known UI element that most Mac users know of.

I’m not particularly happy with the right-clicking solution - it conflicts with standard shortcuts on some Linux distros, is harder to actuate on a Mac, and seems to have introduced a bug where the wrong element is being selected. I think we might be best rolling it back for now, so we don’t feel pressured to get this sorted before the .41 release. What do people think?

I still wonder whether a toggle could work - a “Multi” checkbox to the right of the sidebar filter for example.

Re: is:due, what about changing due to mean today, and adding another ‘overdue’ below it?

@AnKingMed Unless some unexpected issue arises, I don’t expect big changes at this point

a “Multi” checkbox would be a little more tedious and be difficult when wanting to separate between or, and and -. I would probably favor some sort of keyboard combination with a click. Is it just the shift click that is causing issues with selecting multiple? cmd, cmd+alt seem to work fine. I’d suggest alt+shift or ctrl+shift for “or”

I will notify add-on authors on those few things.

The idea of the checkbox would be to switch between the old behaviour (various modifiers+click to AND/OR/NOT/REPLACE) and multiple selection behaviour. Users who mainly use the modifiers, or mainly use multiple selection, could leave the checkbox on their preferred mode.

As Rumo mentioned, we’re already using a bunch of different modifiers, and if we changed shift to behave like a normal multiple selection, we could not represent all the different combinations across the platforms.

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When I pleaded for the reimplementation of multi-select some days ago, I didn’t know there was such a load of features that could conflict with it. That’s why I thought a multi-checkbox would be unnecessarily cumbersome and should be prevented.

But like Rumo said, a GUI solution is probably for the best here :slight_smile:

Here’s a brief porting guide you can link to: Add-on porting notes for Anki 2.1.41

Yes!! Especially the ‘overdue’.

In this new version 2.1.41beta the option to searching for all the cards is gone.
After making a selection, I can’t undo it with the mouse. just clearing the selection on the panel.

Not sure if I my suggestion above was understandable. Since you lean towards a similar solution with the checkbox, I think I should elaborate:

You’d have a bar for different modes like grafik .
The modes could be:

  1. Click to search, behaviour as on previous releases. (Icon could be a magnifying glass.)
  2. Click to select, the new behaviour.
  3. Click to collapse, or maybe just hover with a modifier to collapse/decollapse/toggle nodes.

It would be more visual than a checkbox and easily extendible should the need arise.


The button “Whole collection” was removed because it seemed redundant compared to the numerous new features on the sidebar.

You can access all cards by clicking on “Decks” (the root of the deck-tree).


That sounds good, though I’d lean towards just having the first two options to start with, as it’s easier to add more later than it is to take them away.

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@dae perhaps I’m doing something wrong with the set due date, but it seems that 7 and 7! are doing the same thing.

My understanding would be that if the current interval on a card is 21 and I enter “7”, the card would be due in 7 days, but the interval would remain 21 days so that the next interval would be 21ease. If I enter “7!”, then it would be due in 7 days with an interval of 7 days so the next interval would be 7ease. It seems both are doing the same thing at the moment and I’m unable to just change due date without affecting interval. I understand you tried to add the change that alters intervals a tad to adjust doing it earlier or later, but as far as I can tell “7” and “7!” are doing the same thing. I would recommend making it more like the rememorize add-on was with it altering just the interval alone.

not sure if this is a specific .41 issue, but anyway:
The preview pane in the Cards window doesn’t reflect changes I do on the left side, unless I hit save and reopen the dialog.
Some notes:

  • No javascript errors in my card template
  • HTML changes, as well as styles done in the style tab are not displayed until reopening
  • There seems to happen a refresh (the web pane flickers), but the content stays the same
  • Tested with different note types, seems to work on none
  • I’m on Windows, 2.1.41, no add-ons enabled.

I’ve noticed this too when I tweaked some CSS recently. The live preview in the Cards editor doesn’t seem to work atm :thinking:

@AnKingMed I don’t think leaving the interval untouched is the best option, but your comment has made me realise the current approach is going to break down when rescheduling cards shortly after they were answered. Sigh, back to the drawing board again.

@prollo thanks, should be fixed in the next beta

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Beta 3 is now available.

@ankingmed I’ve changed “set due date” to just leave the interval alone for now, and punted a better solution back to a future update.

@dae Sounds great. I know you want a better solution but I think this is much simpler for most users to understand and certainly less complex

@dae I’m getting this error for multiple add-ons. Something I should just notify add-on authors about?

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "aqt/", line 37, in cmd
  File "aqt/", line 136, in _onCmd
  File "aqt/", line 581, in _onBridgeCmd
  File "<decorator-gen-152>", line 2, in _linkHandler
  File "anki/", line 89, in decorator_wrapper
  File "anki/", line 86, in repl
  File "/Users/Nick/Library/Application Support/Anki2/addons21/zkingofstudytimers/", line 616, in myLinkHandler
    return _old(self, url)
  File "aqt/", line 170, in _linkHandler
  File "aqt/", line 188, in _browseLinkHandler
  File "aqt/", line 1069, in onBrowse
  File "aqt/", line 101, in open
TypeError: __init__() got an unexpected keyword argument 'card'

This new update looks wonderful. I’m really happy to see that a lot of functions have been natively integrated in anki, as the addons incompatibilities were starting to were starting to become a pain to manage.
Since this is the direction that anki development is taking, I would like to try suggest the integration of these addons, that are both used a lot, easily breaked by every new update and life-savers (as i don’t know anyone who could stop using them after trying).

  • Opening the same window multiple time → this is a life saver from the mytical arthur. i couldn’t even imagine my daily anki without it. and it’s used quite a lot, as it have 35 upvotes despite a single line description in ankiweb. unfortunately, i found out that it’s one of the most easily breaked addon and also often has problems with other addons; that said, i think it would be an incredible breakthrough if integrated. Also, from the same author this addon that is basically a component of the first one (and i never understood why it hasn’t been merged with the first one).
  • Frozen fields, that with 135 upvotes speaks for itself, but unfortunately suffered a lot of problems and incompatibilities, as it currently have 4 different versions on ankiweb.
  • multi-column note editor from arthur too, that with 34 upvotes may not be the most popular addon ever but it’s an absolute life-saver for those who use a lot of fields; as the other ones, is recurrently breaked by updates and other addons.

As always, these are just suggestions. Thank you for your hard work.


I recommend using Ze Frozen Fields, which is more stable since it doesn’t overwrite the Editor class and is maintained by a currently very active dev.

You could also try Collapsible Fields if you haven’t already.

The risk of these being broken on stable releases is very low as far as I can tell.
I for my part wouldn’t mind if those were natively integrated :wink:

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