amsCD rendering in mathjax

I’m wondering if something has changed for mathjax in recent years. I had a commutative diagram drawn in 2019 in mathjax with \[\require{amsCD} \begin{CD} E' @>{\bar{f}}>> E \\ @V{\pi'}VV @VV{\pi}V \\ M' @>{f}>> M \end{CD} \,,\]

But it renders blank now. I had to remove \require{amsCD} for it to work again.

Maybe this broke in the move to MathJax 3? If simply removing it is enough, you could use Find&Replace in the computer version to adjust your cards in bulk (but please back up first, and test it didn’t break things)

You’ll also want to update to the latest computer version, so both clients are on the same MathJax version.

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Thanks. I think that’s just the reason. The documentation for mathjax v3 says amsCD is automatically loaded unlike in v2.

The weird thing is that it’s not just the diagrams or mathjax blocks were not rendered. It was the entire card went blank, including the front. (diagram is in the back.)

Anki waits for MathJax to finish rendering before revealing the card, so if it’s failing, I’m guessing the card was never getting revealed.

@hengiesel I wonder if we can reveal the card on an error as well?