Amboss-Add On download works but no decks/cards

I’m having a strange problem with the Amboss Add-On. I downloaded Anki, signed in. Downloaded the Amboss Add-On. Restared Anki and logged in to Amboss. However, nothing downloaded. It says the Amboss-Add on is actived, but there are 0 decks, 0 cards in my file. I’ve deleted the Add-on, deinstalled and reinstalled anki. Restarted my computer…any tips?

The AMBOSS add-on provides access to AMBOSS from within Anki cards (terms with related content on AMBOSS gets underlined, a mouse over displays a pop up with information from the platform, content from AMBOSS can be displayed in a sidebar), not Anki content itself. There are no official AMBOSS decks. The add-on works with every card that contains medical terms.


Yes, I have the Amboss side bar, but there are supposed to be cards with definitions and pictures within the anki app. These don‘t pop up.
„With the AMBOSS add-on for Anki, your flashcards get an upgrade with pop-up explanations and links to articles from the AMBOSS Library.“

Do you have any cards with medical content?