"Again" in FSRS too aggressive

I’ve found a lot of cards that have clicked on “Again” and still don’t remember them.
Is there any way to adjust for this option?
I’m just want to keep this option conservative

Since most of the material I study is very simple, I just need to use “Again” to save the difficult ones.In sm2, I can easily adjust the coefficients of different buttons

Are you asking about “Forget” in the Cards menu, which resets a card to New? Or about cards that have lapsed during study, which you graded Again?

FSRS doesn’t have much to do with either one, but they’re very different!

What I am saying is that if I click “Again” for a card with a 30-day interval, after relearning and graduating, it will give me a 25-day interval, which is still too long. I won’t be able to remember it the next time I encounter it either.

Did you optimize the parameters on your own review history?
Did you use the rating buttons correctly?
Have you tried rescheduling the card using FSRS4Anki Helper?

You’re still saying “Forgot” – but I think that might be an Anki-translation issue, so I’m going to answer like you’re talking about using the “Again” button to grade your answers.

In addition to Aleksej’s helpful questions/points –
The way you adjust within FSRS is by setting a different Desired retention (on your Deck Options). Higher desired retention > shorter intervals overall. Lower desired retention > longer intervals overall.

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I was wrong, it should indeed be “Again.” There are several reasons that might lead to inaccurate feedback on my part for the cards:
· The cards were input by me on the same day, and I might still have some memory of them.
· Different example sentence cards may contain the same word.
I don’t want to adjust the Desired retention because it is appropriate most of the time. I just hope that “Again” can further reduce the interval to a greater extent.

You aren’t expected to have a blank memory regarding the cards. Everything that contributes to forming a memory, contributes to forming a memory. What the question was about is – are you lying when you grade your answer? – do you give cards a pass when you actually got them wrong? etc.

You didn’t answer the rest of the questions, but – it looks like you have 1 learning/relearning step, and optimized parameters? That means when you see a card for the first time, and grade it Good, FSRS says “I’ve looked at every review you’ve ever done, and I know that in this situation, you usually can go nore than 10d and still remember.” So it sets your interval accordingly. Just because you think it’s too long, doesn’t mean you’re right.

You can see for yourself FSRS gave the card a Difficulty of 45 based on you graduating it from review – but then when it lapsed again immediately, Diffiuculty increased to 61, and then the “graduation” interval is only 7d. This is all really normal.

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