After updating anki to the latest version godmode cloze add-on stopped working please help

Anki 2.1.42 (8eebfe18) Python 3.8.6 Qt 5.14.2 PyQt 5.14.2
Platform: Windows 10
Flags: frz=True ao=True sv=2
Add-ons, last update check: 2021-03-13 21:05:14

Caught exception:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “aqt\”, line 36, in cmd
File “aqt\”, line 135, in _onCmd
File “aqt\”, line 580, in _onBridgeCmd
File “aqt\”, line 169, in _linkHandler
File “aqt\”, line 187, in browseLinkHandler
File “aqt\”, line 1067, in onBrowse
File "aqt_init
.py", line 101, in open
File “aqt\”, line 469, in init
File “aqt\”, line 531, in setupMenus
File “aqt\”, line 526, in call
File “anki\”, line 34, in runHook
File “C:\Users\PC\AppData\Roaming\Anki2\addons21\1508677152\”, line 354, in cs_browser_setupShortcuts
f.previewButton.setShortcut(config_scuts[“window_browser preview”])
AttributeError: ‘Ui_Dialog’ object has no attribute ‘previewButton’

This add-on doe snot yet support 2.1.42 version:

2.1.0-2.1.21 (updated 2020-01-30)
2.1.22-2.1.40 (updated 2020-06-10)

Someone posted an issue 10 hours ago in the github repository Issues · Joseph-Y/godmode · GitHub

If you rely on this add-on I would suggest to keep using an older version until it is updated.