Addon enabled/disabled by user profile preferences


I have a simple request. I would like to have some add-ons enabled in one particular profile, and some others in a secod profile. Right now all profiles do share the same enabled/disabled configuration.

I disable some add-ons due slow performance due the size of my collection e.g. enhance main window. I’d like to use those add-ons on my smallest profile (~150k reviews, out of 3 profiles now).

In the past I installed Anki several times in different folders to adress this. Since now I have multiple versions installed (I don’t use the lastest version available for daily use) already plus the betas this solution is becoming too messy.

I think having a list of add-ons id’s that are enabled in the blob field inside prefs21.db would be possible to adress this. What are your thoughts?

Add-ons load before profiles are loaded, so this is not possible. As an alternative, you could hack in a solution using environmental variables or something similar.

Okay, I’ll look into it.