Upgraded from from .49 to .54 and lost all add-ons and most profiles

I followed instructions an uninstalled .49 and then installed .54. I did not opt to blow away decks.

When I opened .54 it showed 2 profiles instead of the 5 previously available. When I looked for add-ons, I found none. The addons and addons21 folders have not been deleted and appear to contain their original contents.

What did I do wrong, and how can I correct it?

If the add-ons don’t work on newer versions, they may have been automatically disabled. Profiles disappearing sounds like you might just have a problem with your config file - you could check your Anki data folder to locate the other profile folders.



It was the config file, sure enough. Or rather it’s location, which had been moved to a non-standard folder. All good now. Thanks!

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