Adding attachment problem

Hi, I have a problem on adding attachments.
When I adding attachments, the default folder path goes to ~/.local/share/Anki2/User1/ Because I have a huge collection of small files in that folder, it takes around 10 seconds to open it. Wouldn’t be better just set the default path to the home folder, which is the place that I choose the files to add from. I remember the older version did so (default installation from Ubuntu repo), but now I’m using the latest version, it seems the default path has changed somehow. BTW, is there some way to change that default path?

Are you saying that if you select an image in a different folder and attach it, then return to the dialog to attach another image, the folder location has changed back? It’s supposed to be remembered, and is on my computer, but it might be a platform-specific issue.

The situation is like this: When I want to add a picture attachment to my note, I press the F3 key, then a dialog window will pop out to let me find the picture. The location is ~/.local/share/Anki2/User1/, which is little bit problematic for causing a long time to respond. After I changed my directory to the home folder, the next time I add an attachment, it leads the home folder directly (it does remember the path, and it works fine). But the real problem is after I restarted my Anki, the whole problem will be recurring again.

It’s bit tricky problem, but I’ve just tried other program on my computer with similar action. Firefox goes to home folder, Libreoffice goes to Document folder, and Gimp goes to Recently Used folder. Of course, it’s not attach a picture, but just trying to open a file on them.

I am not able to reproduce this on a Linux machine here - if I select a file and attach it to a card, close Anki, and reopen it, the attachment dialog reopens to the folder I was in previously. Maybe you have an add-on that is interfering with things, or the issue is specific to your Linux distro?