Add the voice interaction plug-in to free up your hands!

Add the voice interaction plug-in to free up your hands!
The simplest voice interaction plugin can be the voice interaction of a few options after “show answers”, so that we do not have to press the keyboard or touch the screen of the mobile phone frequently to complete the revision of anki.

The more advanced one is to let the card read aloud automatically and then “display the answer”, after displaying the answer, use voice interaction to select a few options to be chosen by hand, so that we can review without relying on the screen when we are exercising, taking a walk, soaking in the bath, or closing our eyes.

More advanced can be AI voice Q&A interaction, so more free hands!

Depending on the operating system, this hands free operation mode can be accomplished using the system’s accessibility features (especially on iOS/iPad OS)

Agreed, it’s a great idea and hopefully a developer will work on it in the future.

I’ve experimented shortly with iOS built-in “Spoken Content” (to speak the card) and “Voice Control” (to replace “taps” with voice commands: flip and rate; as well as to trigger the “Spoken Content”).

The happy-path is fairly straightforward and works. Having some kind of verbal feedback and ability to check what “state” I am in (“is the card flipped”, for example) - would improve the experience.