Add-Ons: Compatibility Checker (Anki-Version-Simulator)

Would it be possible to have a one-click-solution for checking compatibility of all one’s installed add-ons with the latest version of Anki?

Just wasted more than 30 mins updating Anki and realising much later an important addon does not work … yes, I know, but I’ve got so many addons installed—checking them before one by one is a pain in the youknowhat :wink:

There was no message that the addon would be disabled—I only realised this later, when I needed it and it wouldn’t work …

For instance, in the Add-Ons window, there could be a simulation mode; a drop down menu with all versions of Anki, against which all installed addons would be checked for compatibility …


Happy to accept a PR that implements this. I don’t think it needs a drop-down, the user could just type in the version they want to check.

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