[ Add-on Support Thread ]🦾Bulk Image Downloader for Anki - GoogleAPI - Webp - During Review (by Shige)

This is a support thread for Bulk Image Downloader. If you have any problems or questions, please post them here.

Add-on code : 8280891



:framed_picture:This add-on is for downloading images in batches and adding them to the cards. Images are converted to webp, resized, and animated gifs are downloadable. Free Google Custom Search API and Google Search Engine ID are required.

:sparkling_heart:It was created with reference to Batch Image downloader and the idea was inspired by Batch Download Pictures From Google Images, and Paste Images As WebP.

[ :dart:What it’s used for? ]

  1. Add images to many cards at once.
  2. Quickly add images to cards during reviews.
  3. Quickly add images when creating or editing cards.

[ :mechanical_arm:How Add-on Works ]

  1. Grabs text from selected notes field.
  2. Downloads images using Google Custom Search API and Google Search Engine ID.
  3. Auto convert to webp if the image is Jpg and Png.
  4. Resizes the image to 250px and saves it.

For more information, please check the AnkiWeb page.


how does this work with cloze notes and cards, where the notes are large

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Could you also add colors for customizable ranges (like red for 1 to 5, orange for 5-10 again or lapse) and make the numbers or icons bigger in the Today Again Count addon

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  • [ Bulk image downloader ] Search for images from Google using text from the field except {{c1:}} and HTML, etc.
  • [ TodayAgainCount ] I plan to add items for visualization, but this add-on is not very popular so development priority is quite low and I develop on a whim.
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I did input Google API and Search ID, the progress show that finsished but didn’t show any image to my card.

[1] In these cases, it will be displayed as such.

  • Cannot find the image
  • Not sure of image file format.

Please test if it works with a simple word.

[2] Please check if these settings in Google Search Engine are enabled.

  • What to search? → Seearch the entire web[ON]
  • Search settings → Image search[ON]