Add on of linking terms

Hi guys! im kind of new in this way of “styding”, i have installed some add ons, and i wonder if there´s any add on that could let me link concepts from columns, like a way of “matching terms”. Some of you could think that its an old way of memorizing things, but i have to learn the polish armies and their commanders during the WWII and its very hard to learn lasts names in a language that i dont recognize, so i was thinking on giving it a try with optical memorizing, using columns. i hope you could help me!

Have a nice week all of you!

I think there are a lot of ways to do that with native Anki functionality. It depends on what you want it to look like.

I’ve used cloze deletion (Adding/Editing - Anki Manual) for sets of information like that, in a table.**

I would think that Image Occlusion (Adding/Editing - Anki Manual) might be helpful as well.

** But keep in mind that the more information you try to put on one card, the further you get from best-practices in studying flashcards. Make sure you keep things like the minimum information principle in mind – Effective learning: Twenty rules of formulating knowledge - SuperMemo.

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