Add-on description mess up

Today I viewed my add-on’s page and found that the line break disappeared.

This should only affect a small group of items shared in the last 24 hours. Please make a trivial change to the description, and it should correct the issue. You may need to make minor other tweaks, as the text is now interpreted as markdown.


So should I add <p></p> for each line of text?

No, you shouldn’t need to do that - I was suggesting just adding something like a single space, but you probably don’t need to even do that - please just trying saving the existing description (without uploading a file).

I added single space in each blank line and saved the description. But the problem still exists.

Ok, the problem is it’s going off the file update time instead of the description update time. Please wait and I’ll look into it.

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Ok, there we go:

Thanks! It looks normal now.

@dae line breaks are also broken in comments:

Thanks, please try again now.

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@L.M.Sherlock’s issue appeared for me after I updated an add-on file (but didn’t touch the description):

Making any kind of changes didn’t help.

I hope we can just remove special handling of newlines altogether and make it work like standard Markdown (I understand this is very unlikely now)

They’re not quite the same issue. His listing was in a limbo state, where it didn’t have the old newline handling, and wasn’t treating the text as markdown.

When you update a shared item, it switches to the new approach, which is plain markdown, and no special newline handling. The issue here is that single newlines do not result in a paragraph break in markdown - you either need two spaces at the end, or to use two lines. You can try out your text on the following site to see the same behaviour:

See <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> for a list of changes.
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Oh, I was not aware it’s plain Markdown now. Great!

I just experienced the same as abdo when re-sharing a deck since I was using single line breaks in the description.
I can’t get a single line break when adding two spaces add the end on ankiweb, it only works on the site you linked.
Maybe you could add <br> as an available tag?

Also when writing a description it still says:

Newlines in your description will be honored

which is no longer true.

Sorry, br was not supposed to be filtered. The double-space approach should work now, as it resolves into a br tag. Please wait 5 minutes after my post before trying.

Yes, it works as expected now. Thank you!

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