Add new type of cards for 1 year or greater

Now the learned cards in statistics have 2 types:

  • Young - has an interval of less than 21 days
  • Mature - has an interval of 21 days or greater.

Please add another type for the 1 year interval or greater. The name can be “Old” or another.

  • Young - interval < 21 days
  • Mature - interval >= 21 days and < 365 days.
  • Old - interval >= 365 days

Or better yet, add the set days of this interval to the settings.


If you update to a recent version, you will find that the graphs have changed and are far more detailed now.

I use last version 2.1.43.

When you have more than 90% mature cards, then the “Card Counts” chart is not informative.
I would like to divide the mature cards into two parts: Mature (> 21 days) and Old (> 1 year).
As in this screenshot:

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Oh, my bad. I thought you were referring to the old stats where the young/mature distinction was much more prevalent.

Whatever categories and thresholds you use, it’s always arbitrary. For that reason, I find the Review Intervals diagram much more informative for review cards.


This parameter is necessary to track the achievement of the training goal.
Goal: Recall all cards after 1 year.
21 days indicator is a very short time for this goal.


Excellent, excellent idea.