Add FSRS to Wikipedia "Spaced Repetiton" page

The Wikipedia page on Spaced Repetition contains a list of algorithms, listing the SuperMemo family, the Leitner system and NN-based algorithms. I would suggest also adding FSRS to that. I started by just creating a talk page suggesting that.

The goal of Wikipedia as an Encyclopedia is not to track all SRS algorithms and all the latest research results, but by now with its release in Anki I think FSRS is widely used enough (in Anki and MaiMemo) and has enough open documentation (2 papers and public online documentation) that is might deserve a mention.

However, ideally, people other than @L.M.Sherlock should be adding that to Wikipedia, to ensure neutrality and avoid conflict of interest (however I’m not sure how strict that is on Wikipedia).


I don’t have wikipedia account, because China mainland has blocked the website and my vpn is banned by wikipedia. I’m grateful if anyone could help me add that page.


I’m working of a first draft hoping to be corrected by others if I make a mistake.

By the way, @L.M.Sherlock, can it be that the ACM Paper stopped being open access? The fsrs4anki readme claims it is open-access, but under the link above I can’t access it without logging in through an institutional account or subscribing ACM.

Could we get a better screenshot of anki in Anki (software) - Wikiwand and Spaced repetition - Wikiwand

This is at the same time a reminder for me to do later after exams

PS: should we use add-ons to make anki look better like king of buttons ?

It’s not an open access paper. ACM opens its paper annually for weeks. In readme, I claim that the link is free access:

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