How did I publish a paper in ACMKDD as an undergraduate? A fantastic research experience on spaced repetition algorithm. Open source the code and dataset

Continuing the discussion from New progress in implement the custom algorithm:

My research originated from the first meeting with Anki. I’m grateful to Anki and contribute to it in my way. Here is a research record of me on spaced repetition algorithm:


Thank you for sharing, that was quite an interesting read. And more importantly, thank you for sharing your research openly, and for developing the custom scheduler implementation. I am looking forward to seeing how this is received over the coming months, and if it proves popular, there’s a good chance this could be made available as a built-in option in Anki in the future. I think there are Rust libraries that can be used for model training, so it may be possible to do the training directly on a device in the future, instead of having to upload the collection to a website.


I’m very excited to try fsrs4anki out and do some comparisons. Is there any ETA for when 2.1.55 (official or beta/alpha) will release?

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Hopefully within a week - I’m mainly waiting on tags area may need a maximum size or visibility toggle? · Issue #1940 · ankitects/anki · GitHub, which @kleinerpirat has an idea for.


@dae I thought I’d be able to port the main window to Svelte over the weekend, because I felt that’s the last big area that could really do with a design overhaul before 2.1.55, but the WIP is still too rough for a PR at this stage.

I’ll do my best to get the Tags done today to not block the Beta any further.


FSRS4Anki Tutorial:

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