Access card variables/statistics in javascript template


I have a question for a custom card type I am making to help memorize quotes.

The idea behind the card type is simple, randomly blank words from the quotes (sometimes leaving first letter, sometimes completely blank), the brain has to learn to fill in the gaps.

I have made a rough draft javascript card template that randomly blanks words and is more likely to blank long words, but for this card type I desire to make the rate of word blanking also dependent on the cards current internal expected retention state. If the card has been well learned, there should be more blanks in the quote. In other words, how well the card has been learned will impact the test.

My question is: Can I, and if so how can I access the expected retention and/or other card stats in the javascript card template?


PS:I can provide the code I have now if that would help, didn’t want to post a wall of rough draft code for starters though.

I’m afraid Anki does not expose these details to JS at the moment, but there may be add-ons that do.