Ability to Organize Decks in Custom Order

Dear Anki Team,

I’ve been using Anki for a while now, and while I find it extremely helpful for my studies, I do have a suggestion for a new feature that I think would greatly improve the user experience.

Currently, the only way to organize decks in Anki is by sorting them alphabetically by name. While this works fine for some users, it can be difficult to find specific decks if you have a lot of them or if you want to group them in a specific way. For example, I would like to be able to organize my decks by subject, such as Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Extra, Language, etc., rather than by alphabetical order.

I believe that adding a feature to allow users to organize decks in a customizable way would make Anki even more useful and user-friendly. I understand that there are add-ons available that provide some of this functionality, but having it built into the software itself would be much more convenient and reliable.

I would greatly appreciate it if you could consider adding this feature in a future update. Thank you for your time and for creating such a valuable tool for learning.


You can also sort decks by numbers and *emotes (the emotes don’t seem to have an order)

01 deck 1
02 deck 2

Some emotes anki recognize, but others (tested with heart on mac) will appear like the image below, but will still appear as an emote

This would be a very good quality of life change to make the anki interface better for your own prefrences without having to use non printable characters for example

07/10 - The digestive system
09/10 - The nervous system
04/11 - The skeletal system


So, you mean, alphabetically…

as @coolguy123 said, you can use non-printing characters such as “​” (the zero width space in between the speechmarks), and append as many as you want to the front of decks that you want to go lower down. this is obviously not a perfect fix but a work around