A way to export the front of all cards

Hey guys, I’ve been thinking that I need to feel secure about what I study on Anki. Personallly, I think the feeling that I can remember something “out of Anki” (taking an exam, for example) would require me to answer the questions I put in the front without having the screen in front of me. I don’t if someone relate to this feeling… I want to have all my questions on a sheet and, once I see one I don’t know, I look for the answer on Anki. Is there a way?

P>S.: I have Basic Printing Support, but I guess is only exports the whole cards (front and back)

One solution I found is putting the decks on google sheets - then I will have the front of all cards in the first column. But it would be good to have a way that doesn’t need this exchange between different platforms

Maybe you could do something like this:

  1. Export the deck with whole cards (front and back)
  2. Create a new profile and import the deck in it
  3. Open the Fields editor and delete the ‘back’ field from the note type
  4. Use Basic Printing Support to print the ‘front’ field of all the cards

Great Idea, thanks!

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