A way to access to new private media.collection AnkiDroid folder with Termux? [16alpha93]

Hello everyone,

I have downloaded 16alpha93 last alpha version of AnkiDroid.
There is a new upward arrow on top of the app to ‘migrate’ your media collection to a private Ankidroid directory. A new directory only accessible by your currently installed or future-updated AnkiDroid app.
See the described of this feature here on GitHub.

Ok, but I do myself manage decks in which I add regularly new cards, that contains new video (MP4) files, for a French Sign Language deck.

I use a ‘productive’ method:
• I search in multiple sign language dictionary the sign video on Bromite,
• I download the .mp4 file onto my internal SD card download folder,
• I then open Termux and send all the little-size .mp4 files onto download folder to my media.collection AnkiDroid folde (that I set in settings on my external SD card), with my custom-command:

sudo find /storage/emulated/0/Download -mindepth 1 -maxdepth 1 -mtime -1 -daystart -size -10M -name "*.mp4" -exec mv -t /storage/emulated/0/Download/VideoDownloader {} \; && cd /storage/emulated/0/Download/VideoDownloader/ && ls -1 && cp /storage/emulated/0/Download/VideoDownloader/* /storage/684D-3V87/Documents/ANKI_à_mettre_dans_la_collection.media_PC && mv /storage/emulated/0/Download/VideoDownloader/* /storage/684D-3V87/Apps/Ankidroid/collection.media/ && cd -

Note that my phone is rooted with Magisk.

But I am so scared with clicking on the button ‘migrate’ my AnkiDroid media.collection to a private directory, and not being able then to send my new download media files from download directory to new private media.collection folder.

Do you know a way to do it on rooted device with Termux ?

Thanks a billion !