A timestamp should appear alongside Card Date

In the Card Browser, in the Card Info dialog, etc.

Many times I create many cards on the same day and then i go back to browse them and the time I entered them is relevant to me, either because I know I entered one at a certain time, or because I want to visually confirm that they really are sorted on that field.

Any objection to this? Iā€™d like to try to make it happen. Any suggestions on where to start in the code base would be appreciated.

@geneAum , have you considered using a NoteID?

I had a column to the left of all my cards (notes, really), which contains a unique identifier. I usually call that column Note ID, because a similarly named add-on helped me in my thinking.

I also add my cards first into LibreOffice Calc (a spreadsheet manager) and then import. It makes the creation of unique identifiers and other things much easier.

These timestamps are already shown in the card info screen: card id and note id. Do you want to see a time of day?
No idea if such a PR would be accepted, but it would be easy to accomplish. You only need to swap the used date_string() function with another one that also renders the time of day.

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The original thinking here was that time of day is probably not required for most users, and omitting it keeps things neater. But users can always resize the columns instead provided the date comes first, so no objections on my end.