A review of “massive cloze note” -

The massive cloze note is allowing Anki to act as a knowledge base. Through this, we are able to make one single note with multiple cards, and each card tries to ask us only one single information. This helps in better recall the facts. I have two questions to ask

  1. Is there any other awesome addon that I am missing.? [ I use tippy tools + massive cloze + closet]

  2. I am planning to purchase the anki mobile version . I am from a third world country, so 20$ is a big amount for me. Before making such a big investment i need some review of the app. Kindly throw some guidance

  3. The massive cloze note works fine on desktop, It has some timing issue in ankidroid. . Similarly is there any issue if we use massive cloze in ankimobile? ( like that of screen not showing the cloze under operation but the whole card )

Nice combo! :wink:

Personally, I much prefer reviewing on mobile over the desktop client, not just when I’m on the road, even at home. It’s just more handy. I don’t have much experience with AnkiMobile (got an Android phone), but access to a mobile client certainly is an improvement to the Anki experience.

I tested the notetype on all clients before I published it, but that was sometime last year and the situation might have changed by now. If you run into any issues, you can send me a direct message and I’ll try to figure it out.

How do you use Closet in addition to Massive Cloze? I watched the introduction for Closet, but I don’t know how it could be used with Massive Cloze.

Timing issues like lags and slowdowns? On my Ankidroid (Xiaomi POCO X3 GT, MIUI 13, Android 12) I’m not getting this kind of issues.

Hi, I use Closet for image occlusion purpose. Both closet and massive cloze are seperate note types.

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