2.1.53-qt5 ignores --no-sandbox

Distro: Kali Rolling Release
Affected Anki Version: 2.1.53-qt5
The system was updated to the latest version of all packages, and the latest versions from the Anki website (as of today) were downloaded before testing.

When running Anki as the root user, --no-sandbox needs to be provided at launch. This works on 2.1.49 and 2.1.53-qt6, but not on 2.1.53-qt5. When launched, the following error message is displayed:

root@workstation:~/Downloads/anki-2.1.53-linux-qt5# ./anki --no-sandbox
Anki starting...
Initial setup...
Preparing to run...
[1751:1751:0613/101703.560427:ERROR:zygote_host_impl_linux.cc(89)] Running as root without --no-sandbox is not supported. See https://crbug.com/638180.

Are you aware that you should not execute Anki as root?

Absolutely! And normally I wouldn’t (and don’t), but on this specific machine I stay logged in as root all of the time and I also like to use Anki on it when I have downtime.

I realize that my situation is an extreme edge case and a very non-optimal scenario. But given that Anki has a flag to allow it anyway, I figured it should be reported.

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Sounds like a change in the toolkit. Maybe you could still accomplish it with an env var. But you should not be doing this anyway; use sudo or su to invoke Anki as a regular user.